Word Mail Merge To Separate PDFS

How To Separate PDF With Custom File Names And Folder Locations Using Word Mail Merge

Word Mail Merge To Separate PDFs:Convert your Word Mail Merge to individual PDF files! There’s no need for a third-party plug-in, there’s no complication, and there’s no need to move and rename documents.

You’d think converting a mail merge to individual PDF pages would be simple. A brief search, however, turns up options that are either absurdly complex or require a third-party plug-in (often paid for). Worst of all, even if you get it to work, you’ll end up with a folder full of files with names like document 1, document 2, and document 159. After that, you’ll spend a day renaming files before sending them out or filing them away.

So we eliminate all of those issues by providing you with a single-button solution that takes care of everything, storing your PDF files with the names you specify and in the folders you specify (you can even have different folders for different files).

This is accomplished through the use of a Word Macro, the text of which may be found below. To learn how to add the macro to Word, continue reading or watch the video. Set up your mail merge and then relax while the computer takes care of the rest.

The Simplified Version

Word Mail Merge To Separate PDFs simple

  • Copy the Macro’s text from below and paste it into Word.
  • To your Mail Merge data, add the following fields: DocFolderPath, DocFileName, PdfFolderPath, PdfFileName, DocFolderPath, PdfFileName, DocFolderPath, PdfFileName, DocFolderPath
  • Put the file names you wish for the divided Word Docs and converted PDFs in the FileName columns. There’s no need to include the add-ons.
  • Put proper folder paths in the FolderPath fields (e.g. C:\Users\me\Documents). These can be the same or different for each row — it’s all up to you.
  • Make your Mail Merge template.
  • Execute the Macro
  • Allow the computer to do its job while you relax.

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