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How to Use WhatsApp web on iPad Complete Guide for iPad users

While there is no WhatsApp app for iPad (yet), we show you how to use your iPad to access and send WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular iPhone software that connects over a billion active users every day all around the world. It allows you to save money on your phone bill by sending texts to friends or groups of friends through Wi-Fi or 4G/5G. (Of course, if you go over your data limit, you could have to pay for it, so don’t go wild!)

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is only available for iPhone users. There isn’t an iPad version of the app (or iPod touch).

Don’t give up hope, though. We demonstrate how to utilize WhatsApp Web on the iPad in this tutorial. This app connects to your iPhone’s (or Android device’s) WhatsApp account and forwards messages to your iPad, allowing you to send and receive messages, photos, and videos. On the iPad, it’s not quite as good as native WhatsApp, but it’s close enough.

When will WhatsApp for iPad be released?

While there is currently no WhatsApp app for the iPad, one may be released soon. In August 2021, it was announced that a WhatsApp app for iPad would be released shortly, with a project in the works to bring the messaging software to iPad (and Android tablets).

Then, in January 2022, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart admitted in an interview that users had been requesting an iPad app for quite some time. Cathcart stated that much of the infrastructure needed to create an iPad app is already in place, but he offered no guarantees.

Perhaps 2022 will be the year when WhatsApp makes its way to the iPad, and perhaps the Mac! Learn how to use WhatsApp on a Mac in a separate tutorial.

How can I install WhatsApp on my iPad?

To install WhatsApp on an iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Go to web.whatsapp.com on your iPad using Safari. This will automatically load the correct desktop version of WhatsApp Web if you’re on iPadOS 13 or later.
  2. Those using iOS 12 or earlier will be sent to the WhatsApp home page. Tap and hold the refresh button to the right of the webpage address to fix this. After a few seconds, tap the ‘Load desktop site’ option that displays.
  3. The classic WhatsApp Web interface will now appear, including with a QR code to pair with your iPhone. To pair the two devices, go to the iPhone’s Settings, then to WhatsApp Web, and scan the code.WhatsApp Web for iPad user
  4. All of your recent WhatsApp conversations, as well as any media or voice notes, should now appear on the page.

WhatsApp Web for iPad connect

When implementing this workaround, keep in mind that there are some limits. Most significantly, unlike when using the service on a Mac or PC, web browser alerts aren’t supported on iOS/iPadOS. You will not be alerted when new messages arrive.

Apart from these and a few minor problems, the service is really simple to use and a good alternative for WhatsApp users who want to use the app on their iPad.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a free and convenient way to use WhatsApp on your iPad. Although you won’t get notifications (like you would on a Mac or PC), it’s a terrific method to check your messages quickly on a tablet.

How to logout of WhatsApp on iPad?

After you’ve stopped using WhatsApp on your iPad, remember to log out by pressing the Menu icon > Log Out option in the drop-down menu.

WhatsApp Web for iPad logout

Note: Simply closing the Safari browser on your iPad does not log you out of WhatsApp.

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You may also use WhatsApp on your iPad through a variety of third-party apps available in the App Store. The apps, on the other hand, work in the same way as WhatsApp Web but appear on your home screen as a distinct programme. iPad Messenger for WhatsApp and Messenger for WhatsApp are two examples of apps.

What is the reason that WhatsApp Web does not work on the iPad?

WhatsApp Web will not work on an iPad or iPhone using Safari. The WhatsApp website’s backend imposes this restriction. The WhatsApp web app backend does not honor requests to load a desktop website because the app’s web interface is designed to be accessed solely on a desktop computer. This is a WhatsApp restriction that has nothing to do with iPad/iOS.

When viewing a website using Safari for iOS, users can request that the desktop version be loaded, but the website’s server may refuse this request at its discretion.

What is the best way to use WhatsApp Web on an older iPad?

  1. Navigate to web.whatsapp.com in Safari.
  2. The website will display a QR code that you can use to pair your iPhone with it.
  3. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  4. Go to WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Settings.
  5. Scanning the QR code on your iPad is a short method.
  6. The website will reload and all of your WhatsApp messages will be displayed.

How to Use WhatsApp to Communicate

On your iPad, chatting with someone over WhatsApp is virtually as straightforward as using the app. Once you’ve opened WhatsApp web on Safari, follow these steps to get started.

  1. Select the person you wish to message by tapping their name.
  2. Type a message in the Type a message dialogue box.
  3. Tap the arrow to send your message to your friend after typing your message.

In WhatsApp, you also have the option of sending “view once” messages, which are messages that expire once the recipient has opened them. To use this function, you must first turn it on before sending any text or image; you cannot simply turn it on and have everything “view once.”

If no one reads or views them after 14 days, they will expire, and neither you nor the person to whom you sent them can save, forward, or star (favorite) them.

What Are the Limitations of WhatsApp on iPad?

Because WhatsApp wasn’t designed to run on an iPad, there are some significant limitations to what you can do with it.

  • No Notification: When you get a message from someone, you will not receive any notifications. Every time you wish to check for new messages, you must manually open the website.
  • Different Contacts: Instead of the contacts on your iPad, WhatsApp Web will display the list of contacts from your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Limited Voice Notes: Although you can’t submit voice notes over WhatsApp Web, you may still listen to them.
  • Existing Account: To utilize this solution, you must already have a WhatsApp account.

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