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Cool Whatsapp Tricks and Hidden Features You Should Know

WhatsApp Text Editor with further than a billion active druggies worldwide, WhatsApp is now among the primary modes of communication used by everybody! New updates of the app always bring new features, but numerous druggies miss out on the nanosecond new changes and point add-ons that are meant to make the overall experience and usability a lot easier and further fun. So there’s a record down list of the coolest WhatsApp Tricks that you may not know of yet.

These cool WhatsApp text tricks will make you look edgy

How do the Hidden Features of WhatsApp work?

The Easiest Way to Edit WhatsApp Videos

Cool WhatsApp Text Tricks to Make You Look Edgy

You can do a lot of effects with your WhatsApp sources, appearance, and textbooks that will make your dispatches look oh- so-edgy! From italics, bold, strikethrough to monospace there are plenty of textbook formatting tricks to dress up your grand adverts, gleeful felicitations et al. Rounding it all, then are the stylish WhatsApp Typing Tricks you can use right down.

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HOW TO EDIT Textbook IN WhatsApp

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One time ago, WhatsApp introduced a veritably useful point to its Android app: the capability to edit textbooks just like you would in a word processor like Microsoft Word.

But I keep forgetting how to do it every now and also and constantly have to go back to my Evernote to remember it. For the sake of myself and everyone otherwise, perhaps this will come in handy.

Then’s how to do it

WhatsApp Text Editor feature

For bold, just add * to either side of the textbook you want emphasised/ thickened.g. * boldthistext *

For italics, just add, to either side of the textbook you need to be accentuated.g., italicise the text,

To strikethrough, just add a tilde,

, to either side of the textbook that needs formatting.g.


It’s also possible to add a blend of the formatting options like, say, accentuate and bold textbook. Then how, * bold italicise *,

Sadly, there’s no accentuate option, yet. At least none that I know of.


Your textbook can be bolded. Add a star (*) symbol before and after your textbook. Do not use spaces between the star and the letter.

2. Italic

Just like the bold, you can also italicise your sources by simply fitting Underscore Symbol (, textbook,) at the starting and end of your judgement.

3. Strikethrough

WhatsApp Text Editor bold italic strikethrough

Strikethrough is largely used to intend puns in WhatsApp, but occasionally it’s also a functional tool for textbook corrections, used at large for online tutorials, studies, or brainstorming. For adding Strikethrough use the Tilde Symbol (

textbook ) at the starting and end of your textbook

4. Monospace

The monospace is a fountain stylization now available in WhatsApp that allows you to write fixed- range content. These WhatsApp jotting tricks are useful when participating in any kind of rendering or specialised formulas. It’ll help distinguish special content from regular content. To fit it, use 3 backticks ( textbook) at the morning and end of your judgement without distance.

WhatsApp Text Editor Monospace

5. Disable Read Donors

WhatsApp introduced the Blue Tick point to notify druggies when their dispatches aren’t only delivered but are seen by the donors. But it has also been the cause of fallouts between favoured bones and indeed trouble at work for failing to respond despite a Blue Tick. Now you can control the fury with WhatsApp Text Tricks of disabling the Read Philanthropist point. Go Settings>> Account>> Sequestration>> Read Donors. By doing this, you wo n’t be suitable to see your contact’s blue ticks as no bone will be suitable to see yours. Unlike custom announcements, the Read Philanthropist point applies to your entire contact list and can not be used for one specific contact. The sender would see black twice ticks indeed if you read the communication.

WhatsApp Text Editor Disable Read Donors

6. Leg Prioritised Connections

Numerous times, we’ve just one or a many people whose textbooks count the most. So, avoid letting those important communication vestments from getting pushed down below by communication cataracts. You can jut precedence connections by opening WhatsApp, also tapping and holding the converse thread of the contact without opening it. This will show a new toolbar on the green border at the top of the window. Use the first icon of a leg to indurate the converse thread in the top position.

WhatsApp Text Editor bold italic Leg Prioritised Connections


7. Export Chat Logs

Still, you can telegraph the entire converse thread to yourself or someone differently, you can indeed save it to Drive, If you wish to save the exchanges that you changed with someone special. Open the converse thread and valve on the 3 blotches icon, also click>> Further<< and also click on>> Export Chat<<. This will open a host of options allowing you to export your converse logs to a multitude of destinations.

WhatsApp Text Editor Export Chat Logs

9. WhatsApp Font Tricks for Formatting

Though we’ve formerly mentioned the lanes for bold, italics, and other textbook formatting features, there’s another way to format your textbooks if you forget the lanes- go for the Native Settings Strip. Once you’re done typing, also valve and hold the textbook sections you want to format, this will open all the options in a list. You can scroll it to elect your formatting command.

WhatsApp Text Editor Font Tricks for Formatting

9. You Can Apply All WhatsApp Font Tricks on One Word or Judgement

There are plenty of effects you can do with one word. It can be bold, italic, monospace, and strikethrough all at the same time. Apply the native settings or lanes one after another and voila!

WhatsApp Text Editor Font Tricks on One Word or Judgement

11. Share Sections of Dispatches While Typing

While codifying a WhatsApp communication, if you need to cross-check certain areas with someone differently, and do n’t want to copy the textbook or overwrite your clipboard, you can directly partake the textbook without dupe-pasting or taking screenshots. This WhatsApp Typing Trick is in the same native setting strip mentioned before, which you can pierce by tapping and holding the textbook section you want to partake, which will open the formatting strip. Once it opens also click on the 3 blotches, which will turn the strip into a panel, in the panel you’ll find what you’re looking for. The coolest part is that you can partake the textbook not only in WhatsApp but multiple other apps like Zoom, Skype, Dispatch … indeed Bluetooth!

WhatsApp Text Editor Dispatches While Typing

 What are the Hidden Features of WhatsApp?

Since utmost of the below- mentioned are owing to the tricks and trades of texting via WhatsApp, let us now jot down a WhatsApp hidden point list that applies for general usability of the wonder-app. There are useful sequestration settings and converse features that can make your stoner experience a lot more peaceful.

  1. Broadcast Announcements

Never be caught up creating a group for a one- time cause and see it getting some kind of a messaging mecca for the group members, leaving you to eat their each- day chatter while exiting would be too rude. Chuck the drama with Broadcast! On earlier performances of WhatsApp conveying a communication to multiple connections would either need you to partake the communication one by one with your connections or produce a group. While the sharing part isn’t a problem other than being time- consuming, the problem with the group is that all donors can see each other, and effects can get out of control. So now you have the Broadcast Point wherein you can shoot a single textbook to multiple connections intimately and each at formerly. Open WhatsApp and click on the 3- fleck button on the top leftism and you’ll find broadcast-every click will direct you to the coming step.

2. Save Further Data

There are numerous ways you can save mobile data consumed by WhatsApp. First, you can reduce the data consumption while on call, secondly, control the downloading of media when mobile data is running. You’ll find both the customization options under Data and Storage in your WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp Text Editor Save Further Data


3. Partake Your Position Without Ado

Still, where sharing addresses isn’t an option, for illustration, If there’s confusion with a position. This point is partake in the attachment options. Just as you partake connections, images and other stuff, click on Position and it’ll put you in the right direction.

4. Search Old Chats with Keywords

As long as you have the converse history complete you can search specific words to trace an old converse within a thread. Open the communication thread of the specific contact, valve on the 3 Blotches button on the top left and click on “ Hunt”. Also class a word from the particular converse, hit enter to trace it.

WhatsApp Text Editor key

5. Restore Your Chat History, and Deleted Chats

. Occasionally you can restore deleted converse history if you have switched sims or inaptly deleted a special discussion thread. Do not take it too seriously, just uninstall and reinstall your app. On opening it, you’ll get the prompt to restore your exchanges and media. The restoration process takes about a nanosecond depending on internet speed. Also valve NEXT when the advice appears. Remember this trick only works on dispatches that are run under backup when you’re using a new phone. WhatsApp runs a backup every day at 2 am.

6. Snooze WhatsApp

Occasionally you just need to hush your WhatsApp for just a while. Maybe you have to advance your phone to someone but do n’t want them hitting into any of your private incoming dispatches. While other social media allow “ logging off”, WhatsApp is always there in your face! Though high- dedication phones allow point and face locking, not everyone owns a compatible device right now. Yet you do n’t have to cancel the app or go Aeroplane Mode, just force stop it. Though it isn’t an inbuilt WhatsApp point, you can control the diapason by going to Settings>> Apps and Announcements>> WhatsApp>> Disable. Also in the same section go to Data Settings and disable BackgroundData.However, your dispatches will come but you wo n’t’ get them until you open the app, meanwhile, If you do this.

WhatsApp Text Editor Snooze

7. Automatically Delete Messages After 7 Days

Not every communication thread is important, and numerous people have the habit of deleting dispatches just to feel systematised. WhatsApp brings some zero- trouble minimalism for you with this new point available for Android druggies. Update your app and visit the contact’s runner in WhatsApp and you’ll be suitable to see the “ Fading Dispatches”option.However, your exchanges with the particular contact will be deleted automatically on their own, If you enable this.

WhatsApp Text Editor Automatically Delete Messages

8. Mute Stories that You Do n’t Want to See

Still, you can MUTE the people whose stories you aren’t interested to see, If it’s annoying to open a loved one’s story and also automatically sliding into a story you didn’t want to open. Go to Story and valve and hold the unwanted contact to open the Mute option. Indeed though there’s no option that you can stop the automatic carousel to the coming contact’s stories altogether, you can always go by the rule of the thumb- place your thumb on the screen and the carousel wo n’t move.

WhatsApp Text Editor Mute Stories

9. Reply Privately to Recipients in a WhatsApp Group


This is as simple as it sounds. Tap and hold to elect a communication in a group and also open the 3- fleck button at the top right to pierce the point.

10. Customize Announcements for Specific Connections

Manage how you’re notified of dispatches from specific connections and groups. Go to the main runner of the contact or group you wish to customize, and there you’ll find Custom Announcements. Spark the mode to open a wide range of options- announcement tones, pop up, exercise,etc.

WhatsApp Text Editor Customize Announcements


 Edit WhatsApp Videos with Ease

Some of the stylish WhatsApp videotape editing tricks are coming up, wherein you can add etches, textbook, and crop an image. Also, you also check in some external videotape editing tools that are relatively handy to integrate with WhatsApp.

1. Download & Edit WhatsApp Video from A Contact’s Status

There are no download options for prints and videos for WhatsApp Statuses, yet you can have it on your PC, iPhone, and Android device and surprise a loved one by editing the videos they didn’t shoot you tête-à-tête. To do this, you can go to Train Director>> Settings>> Turn on Show Hidden Lines; after doing this go back to Internal Storehouse>> WhatsApp>> Media>> Statuses. Once you have the Videotape, you can import it to Filmora and use a diapason of videotape editing tools to produce the magic!

2. Record Videotape Calls from PC and Ameliorate Its Quality

For this WhatsApp Video Editing Trick, you would need to have a third- party screen archivist tool, like Wondershare Filmora on your PCs, and the iPhone 11 has one in- erected software for screen recording. Either way, if you can record the WhatsApp Call with sound and all, you can further import the train into Wondershare Filmora and use high-tech tract tools like Noise Reduction, 4K Resolution and crop any gratuitous portions in the clip.

3. Snip Out a GIF from a Videotape

You can produce an instant GIF out of the videotape train within WhatsApp. Do this, let the videotape download, and also lately partake it from Attach>> Gallery>> Vids. Before transferring, the videotape editing panel would open, there, you can see the GIF option at the top right. It’ll dock your videotape to 6 seconds, acclimate the cursor to the portion you wish to use.


When it comes to WhatsApp Tricks and Trades, you always have to look forward to every update. Keep a tab on the updates and find a new WhatsApp Hidden Feature now and also.

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