WhatsApp Hacks

Here Are Some Secret WhatsApp Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

How to initiate group calls, create gifs, alter fonts, and install WhatsApp on your computer or iPad.

So, let’s talk about WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app that we all know, love… and despise (on occasion). Why do we despise it so much? It’s because it’s so infuriating.

What if we don’t want the sender of a message to know we’ve read it? What if we don’t want photos and movies to be automatically saved to our phone, robbing us of valuable storage space? Why did the love heart we sent as a ‘joke’ to someone come out in GIGANTIC size, as if we really meant ‘true love’? What’s the deal with putting an asterisk next to a word and having it appear in bold? ARE YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING WITH THAT?!

We finally have the answers, which is a relief. We do, in fact, have a plethora of responses. See 16 things you didn’t realize you could do with WhatsApp that will transform your life below…

How do you read a message without letting the other person know?

So that guy you’re interested in has written you a message, and you’d want to read it. You don’t want him to know, however, that you’ve read it. Alternatively, you might prefer to finish your Netflix show before discussing it with a friend. Basically, you don’t want them to see a single tick; instead, you want them to see two ticks, namely the two blue ticks.

How do you go about doing this? Learn by reading…

  1. Do not read the message when it arrives. Reject any notifications that appear on your homescreen, as well.
  2. Then switch to aeroplane mode (which turns off wifi and mobile data).
  3. Then, open WhatsApp and read the message that has been sent to you.
  4. Finally, close the app completely and turn off Airplane mode. There will be no blue ticks on the other end, even if you’ve read the message. (However, when you relaunch WhatsApp, they will turn blue.) So don’t use WhatsApp if you don’t want him to know you’ve read it.)


Stop media saving to your phone

Tired of your memory being clogged by photos and videos from random group chats?


WhatsApp >>> Settings >>> Chats >>> Turn off ‘Save Incoming Media’

What is a ‘Broadcast List,’ exactly?

Look at the top of your ‘Chats’ for ‘Broadcast Lists’ on the left and ‘New Group’ on the right. We’ve all heard of ‘New Groups,’ but what is ‘Broadcasting?’

Broadcasting allows you to send the identical message to several contacts without them being aware of it – similar to bcc-ing folks in an email.

It’s the best way to invite folks to a party without everyone on a group chat ‘Replying All’ (and without letting people know the guestlist too).

Go here: to ‘bcc’ your WhatsApp messages.

WhatsApp >>> Chats >>> Broadcast Lists >>> Add contacts >>> Write message >>> Send.

The broadcast megaphone’ icon will only appear on your end. It will seem as a normal message on the other person’s phone.

Find out who you send the most messages to and which chat takes up the most space in your memory.

This is quite cool.

Go to:

WhatsApp >>> Settings >>> Account >>> Storage Usage >>> Messages

(to see who you message the most) OR (to see who you message the most) (to see which chat takes up the most memory).

WhatsApp can be used on a PC…

WhatsAppWeb is what you’ll need for this, and it’ll change everything. It means that all of your messages are fully synchronized between your phone and computer, allowing you to see them all on both.

WhatsApp on iPad

The good news is that you can use WhatsApp on your iPad in the same way that you can on your PC or Mac. To connect both devices to WhatsApp, simply go to your web browser and scan the QR code on your phone.

Your Apple Watch can use WhatsApp.

Your messages should be pushed to your Apple Watch if you have the WhatsApp app on your phone, which means you’ll be able to view them and answer from a choice of easy replies – though you won’t be able to start a new message or put one in yourself.

You’ll need to do the following to see your WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  2. Navigate to Notifications.
  3. From the list of apps, choose WhatsApp.
  4. ‘Allow notifications’ should be enabled.
  5. Ensure that both ‘Show in notification center’ and ‘Show in lock screen’ are checked.

After that, ensure that your Apple Watch is configured to receive WhatsApp notifications. So, once more, in your iPhone:

  1. Open the watch application.
  2. Scroll down to the notifications section.
  3. Turn on the notification button for WhatsApp by scrolling down.

And there you have it: WhatsApp on your Apple Watch!

Is it possible to record WhatsApp and video calls?

Because WhatsApp does not support in-app recording, you’ll have to come up with a solution. This is easier on an Android phone because you can use a conventional voice recording software while on speaker phone with a WhatsApp call. You won’t be able to record the video call, but you will have access to the audio.

Because third-party apps can’t access the microphone and the phone app at the same time on iPhones, your best bet is to put the call on speaker and record with a second device, such as a tablet, another phone, or a voice recorder.

What is the best way to reply to a specific message?

You’re in a group or with a really chatty friend, and there’s something they’ve said that’s VERY LOL, and something they’ve said that’s more ‘tear face,’ and you want to be clear about which message you’re reacting to with which.

It couldn’t be easier to do that reply thing where it gives a preview of the message you’re responding to above your answer. Simply swipe right on the message you wish to respond to. It should be located directly above your text box.

How to make a voice note on WhatsApp?

A green button with a microphone symbol is located to the right of where you type. Hold this down when talking on the phone. Be careful: the message will be sent as soon as you let go of the green button.

To record for a longer period of time, hold down and swipe up until it ‘locks’ – speak as long as you want, then tap the transmit button when you’re finished. If you want to cancel your message (we’ve all been there), drag it to the left while holding down and it’ll dump the message.

On WhatsApp, you can download the typewriter font.

To make the font look like it was done on a typewriter, go to where your extra punctuation is and put three (not the quote marks, this is in the extra keyboard) either side of what you’re saying… Try it for yourself! ‘We challenge you.’

Make a gif with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Hacks gif

HOW did we not know this? Please accept my apologies in advance to any pals who will now receive them on a regular basis. As usual, enter a chat and add a video from your gallery. But first, use the time stamp drag objects to select the part of the video you want to transform into a GIF before sharing it. Toggle the green icon below the sliders from camera to GIF to have it loop. After that, send. Also, LOL.

To make a group video call, use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a wonderful way to hold a group call if you’re tired of Zoom (and deciding who will send the invite) and Houseparty (really, how many times can you all lose connection?). Simply click the phone or video call buttons in the top right of the screen if you’re in a WhatsApp group of less than five individuals.

If you’re in a group of more than five people, click the phone with a + next to it and select who you want to include (bit mean, but fine…) The maximum number of people you can have on a video call with WhatsApp is eight.

In a group conversation, see who has read your message.

There’s no blue tick, but someone from the group has viewed your post, and you’re curious who it is (for a variety of reasons, trust us, ok?) Simply hold down the send button and tap the info icon (located differently on Apple and Android), and you’ll see a list of who in the group has read, received, and when the message was sent. ‘Sorry, just saw this!’ will never longer be heard from you, my friend.

Hack WhatsApp Using Social Engineering

In contrast to other hacking tactics, hackers do not use malware to gain access to your device or system. Instead, they get critical information from you by deceiving you in some way.

They then turn around and use this knowledge against you, breaking into your system and stealing personal and valuable data. Most of the time, they lure individuals online with promotional adverts offering free goods, music, or movie downloads, and then ask for the person’s Whatsapp number.

Hack WhatsApp Using DNS Spoofing

WhatsApp Hacks fake DNS

This is a type of computer security hacking in which a user is forced to utilize a phony website that appears to be legitimate in order to redirect traffic or collect personal information. It has the ability to go undetected for a long time.

A DNS Server detects the actual IP address once a human language is input on the computer, and then directs the request from the user’s browser to the actual machine based on the IP address. Finally, hackers hijack the genuine WhatsApp website address and reroute it to a different IP address via DNS Spoofing. As a result, the personal information of the victim may be compromised.

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