WhatsApp File Size Limit

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used and valuable applications on the planet. Because of its simplicity and friendliness. It simplified both personal and professional communication. But there is no such thing as perfection in this world! WhatsApp has its own set of limits. When you try to send huge files through the messaging app, you get an error message. In 2021, the WhatsApp file size restriction for ordinary files will be 100MB, while the video limit will be 16MB. You won’t be able to share huge video, audio, or document files with your pals because of these restrictions.

What are these limitations for?

 WhatsApp servers, on the other hand, must be clutter-free. Only then will they be able to operate without interruption.

WhatsApp File Size Limit

It doesn’t matter what file we share with our WhatsApp contacts; it’s usually a file from your phone’s storage. The full file is transferred across WhatsApp’s servers while sharing, which is limited owing to file size constraints.

What are different options to send large files on WhatsApp?

Dropbox and WeTransfer are two other tools you use. However, because of the complications, some are dissatisfied. Many other networks, such as Telegram, accept files up to 2GB in size. To send desired files to your contacts, you must first download and install the Telegram software on your smartphone.

However, your contacts must also have the Telegram app. Telegram and Whatsapp are two separate businesses. As a result, you can’t transmit conversations from Telegram to Whatsapp, but you may send and receive files using email and other apps.

Downloading a whole new app just to send a video?

 That doesn’t sound like a good idea. Right?

So, how do you share a file that is larger than 100 MB on WhatsApp?

There is a requirement for a common platform that allows a file to be used across many devices.


Uploading large files to Google Drive and then sharing the file link on WhatsApp is the most common way to share them.

Why Google Drive?

You can upload files up to 50GB in size to this cloud storage provider without incurring any fees. For Rs 130 per month, Google also offers 100GB of storage. Isn’t it the most cost-effective and greatest option? Where else can you get such a large amount of storage space for just Rs 150?

How to upload large files on Google Drive before sharing on WhatsApp?

Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows you to save any sort of document, music, image, or video file on Google’s computers. The steps of uploading a file to Google Drive are as follows:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Google Drive app and tap the “+” icon (on bottom right corner of the screen).

WhatsApp File Size Limit drive

  1. Select a file in your gallery that is larger than 100 MB and tap “Upload file.” You can also upload it directly by choosing the file in your gallery and selecting Share>Save to Drive.
  2. The file is shown on top of the app once it has been submitted.
  3. Now pick ‘Copy the link’ from the three-dotted button. The path to the file will be transferred to the clipboard on your phone.

WhatsApp File Size Limit save

  1. Simply paste the URL into WhatsApp and hit the share button.

You can share the link with as many people as you desire using this method. Users who click the link will be taken to the shared document. Users can also download the file to their own devices using WhatsApp.

Although many people choose Google Drive, you can use alternative cloud storage platforms if you like. In the same way, you can send huge files using WhatsApp.

You may simply share any video file with your WhatsApp acquaintances using this simple way, no matter how large it is. On Cloud Servers, you are merely sharing the link, not the whole content.

So far, Google Drive has been the most successful way!!! Because Android users who already have a Gmail account can quickly access Google’s Drive app, which is also a Google product. So it’s not a major issue!

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