The best OnePlus 10 Pro cases you can buy right now


OnePlus 10 Pro

5G, 8GB + 128GB, Volcanic Black, Unlocked, Free $100 Gift Card

OnePlus 10 Pro

5G, 8GB + 128GB, Emerald Green, Unlocked, Free $100 Gift Card

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OnePlus 10 Pro official cases

Of course, OnePlus fans could stay loyal to the brand and go for an official case for their new OnePlus 10 Pro, and it is a perfectly normal choice. Furthermore, OnePlus offers a couple of OnePlus 10 Pro official cases that are quite cool indeed. Check them out below.

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Karbon Bumper Case

Don’t mind the strange spelling of this OnePlus 10 Pro case or the fact that it is made out of Kevlar and soft TPU. It’s a cool design that OnePlus has been using over the years, and Kevlar as a material for phone cases sometimes beats genuine carbon fiber (as the latter can be brittle, too expensive, and dangerously sharp when cracked or splintered).

The soft TPU material inside will absorb shocks and keep your OnePlus 10 Pro safe in case of accidental drops or bumps, while the hard Kevlar outer part is perfect in keeping away scratches and scuffs. The case is also pretty grippy, so the chance to drop your phone is minimized. It’s also thin, and relatively lightweight – a perfect fit for the OnePlus 10 Pro. The price is also quite decent at $39.00.

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Quantum Photography Bumper Case

The Quantum Photography OnePlus 10 Pro case offers a unique design that’s really cool – it accentuates the fact that the OnePlus 10 Pro comes equipped with a powerful Hasselblad camera system, and makes the phone look like a camera from the future.

The case is made from TPU and is almost as slim as the Karbon model, and much slimmer than previous generation cases by OnePlus. “We are body-shaming our previous generation thicker protective cases,” reads the witty description on the official site. This cool case can be yours for $29.00 when it gets back in stock (check back regularly because, as it turns out, this case is hot!)

OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Sandstone Bumper Case

OnePlus is going back to its roots with this Sandstone Bumper case – the original color of the OnePlus One was Sandstone Black, and it featured a grippy pattern that was quite original and not very widely used across the industry. This case is actually spray-painted with four layers of fine-ground sandstone, which makes it pretty unique.

The grip is line nothing else, and the dual-layer TPU and Polycarbonate design ensures your OnePlus 10 Pro is properly protected. This case is also the cheapest of the bunch, clocking at just $24.00.

OnePlus 10 Pro clear cases

You might not like the feel of a sandstone on your hand, or just want to show the OnePlus 10 Pro colors (which are pretty cool by the way). Going transparent is a clear case in this scenario (oh my god, the pun). There are a bunch of good ones already but we expect big names such as OtterBox and Speck to join in pretty soon.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid OnePlus 10 Pro Case – Crystal Clear

Speaking of big names, Spigen is definitely one, and the Korean brand already offers a OnePlus 10 Pro case from the Ultra Hybrid series. These are the best of both worlds – crystal clear to show the shine and glitter of your new phone, coupled with an almost rugged level of protection.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid OnePlus 10 Pro Case features the same dual layer design that we all know and most importantly – that works. The soft TPU absorbs the energy from falls and bumps, while the hard PC back takes care of scratches and scuffs. The price of this case is amazingly affordable.

SUPCASE Unicorn OnePlus 10 Pro case

Another OnePlus 10 Pro case with the similar idea of protecting you phone with a hefty bumper frame, while keeping the back crystal clear. This one comes from Supcase and features the same dual-layer design yet again. The bumper frame is made of soft TPU so when you drop the phone (or should we say “if” to be more on the positive side) it will absorb the shock to some extent and maybe save you a shattered back or screen.

The back of the case is made of hard plastic, that’s scratch resistant and won’t yellow over time, keeping things clear! The price is even more affordable than the Spigen model but the design is clearly different, so get the one that you like best. Also: No unicorns were harmed in the making of this case!

OnePlus 10 Pro rugged cases

Hybrid cases are all fine and dandy but if you want the absolute maximum protection for your phone, you should be aiming at a rugged OnePlus 10 Pro case. OtterBox is a champion in this category normally but there are other good choices too.

Spigen Tough Armor OnePlus 10 Pro Case (2022) – Black

We start with a long-time favorite – the Tough Armor case from Spigen. Not only is it amazingly well-built but it’s also very affordable. Let’s start with the protection – Spigen offers its multi-layer design in this case – you can physically disassemble the pieces (not a reason to do so, though). The back is made of very tough plastic and features a kickstand, there’s a soft shell inside to protect the phone, and on top of that, a new shock-absorbing foam has been added to the whole sandwich.

The whole thing is extra sturdy and built like a tank, not to mention the AirCushion technology that protects the corners of the phone with tiny airbags. One of the best things about this case is that you won’t have to pay north of $50 to get it.

UAG OnePlus 10 Pro Plasma Protective Case

Urban Armor Gear is another behemoth in the rugged phone cases jungle. The Plasma protective case is specifically designed to guard your OnePlus 10 Pro from pretty much everything you can throw at it.

This one costs a little extra but meets military drop-test standards [MIL STD 810G 516.6] for additional peace of mind. There’s a raised lip around the screen, oversized buttons for easy navigation, and an easy access to all the ports. The case is also very light, especially for a rugged model, thanks to the composites used in the design. Wireless charging compatible.

Poetic Revolution OnePlus 10 Pro Case

How can you not like a case that’s called Poetic Revolution! There are other bells and whistles in this case, beside the name, though. Not only is it extremely durable but it also features a front frame for your own tempered glass protector for a complete protection suite.

This OnePlus 10 Pro case has been drop tested to military standards, it includes all the ridges, raised lips, bumpers you can imagine, and it comes in pink! Yeah, it’s a strange looking thing in pink but that might be the desired effect, right?


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