September is Sustainability Month on Hackster


This September we’re dedicated to bringing awareness to sustainable solutions that protect our environment’s resources and helps our globe run more efficiently. We’ll be sharing the latest news on products and initiatives driven by the community and promoting our ongoing engineering contests inviting developers to create innovative solutions to environmental problems. We’ll also interview a handful of industry leaders on Hackster Cafe who combat e-waste, support the right to repair and connect developers who want to help with organizations trying to make a difference on the ground.

A Call to Share Projects

Within the topic “sustainability”, there are endless possibilities for how developers can incorporate sustainable building practices into their design processes as well as build solutions that monitor or respond to impacts of climate change, depleting natural resources, protecting wildlife populations, and high-energy consumption in the modern world. The Hackster community has shared a wide range of applications from smart metering with a Portenta H7 to a solar tracker powered by ESP. Explore a few of our favorite projects in our article, “Celebrate Sustainability with This List of Environmentally-Focused Projects“.

We’re excited to see projects you’ve built that make an impact on your community. Share your projects and chat with other users in the following topic channels for how you can make a sustainable impact:

Remember to share your projects on social media and use #hacksterio or tag our @hacksterio handle on Facebook,Instagram,LinkedIn, and Twitter. We’ll be re-sharing what we receive, so post often and show your work to the globe on both Hackster and your social media profiles.

Register for Impact Summit and Submit a Proposal for an Opportunity to Present Your Work

Impact Summit is a 2-day virtual event aimed at spotlighting technology solutions and ongoing initiatives that protect local air and water resources, track and monitor environmental conditions, and combat large-scale problems. Attendees can participate in workshops, listen-in from industry leaders during our panel discussions, network with fellow developers during the virtual event, and be inspired to go out and make a sustainable impact on their local communities. Register for the free event at

We want to give you a spotlight. If you’ve created and deployed a solution that falls into one of the categories mentioned above, submit a presentation proposal to have the opportunity to speak at the summit! There are 25-minute and 10-minute presentation slots available. The submission deadline is September 12th. Submit a proposal!

Read the Latest News on Sustainable Technology Research

Start your month off strong by reading our most recent articles around today’s research in the world of sustainable innovations:

Register for Ongoing Contests and Win Giant Prizes!

IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022 with Seeed Studio

Show the global Hackster community the power of IoT, AI, and Edge Computing to protect Earth’s natural resources and biodiversity by utilizing the SenseCAP K1100 Sensor Prototype Kit in your project. Your project can focus on any of the following topics: mitigating the effects of climate change, conserving wildlife, protecting marine environments, creating open science solutions, and enabling sustainable agricultural activities.

The contest’s grand prize, valued at $10k, intends to help you scale your solution and deploy it in real life. Receive product samples for on-site testing, manufacturing and distribution services, cobranding and even be introduced for further investment and pilot project opportunities.

Deadline to submit is September 27th.

Smarter Sustainable World Challenge with Nordic Semiconductor

Combat climate change by creating innovative projects with the Nordic Thingy:53, a multi-protocol IoT prototyping platform that enables embedded machine learning, allows for environmental sensing, and has a variety of use cases for environmental projects that you can find on the contest page. Since 2020, Nordic has committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals including climate action, sustainable cities, clean energy, as well as good health and well-being and wants to support your innovative journey on showing us how!

The grand prize is a paid trip to meet the Nordic team at Electronica this November in Germany!

Submissions close on October 17th.

HoverGames 3: Land, Sky, Food Supply with NXP

NXP’s HoverGames will start later this September but pre-registration has already opened! This year is the most accessible HoverGames challenge yet – accepting project submissions that not only use the NXP HoverGames drone development kit but also their newly announced NXP HoverGames rover. The theme of this year’s contest invites people to explore how autonomous vehicles can be used to manage food ecosystems around the world. Pre-register now to get notified once the contest launches.

Join This Month’s Hackster Cafe Livestreams

Hackster’s talented hardware host, Alex Glow, is talking with a selection of awesome guests that will share insights into building smart, sustainable prototyping practices, showcase their own work and discuss how to contribute your skills to organizations that need it most. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the bell to get notifications for all our new videos for sustainability month.

One featured guest is our good friend, Sarah Maston. Sarah is currently the Director of Global Partner Development at Microsoft. She has an incredible rap sheet from her 20+ years in the industry, most notably the founder of Project 15: Open Platform for Conservation and Ecological Sustainability Solutions. Sarah is also the inventor of Project Edison and designed a safety notification solution accelerator for safe schools and workplaces, for which she won the Microsoft Polaris Award.

Mark your calendars for the livestream on September 27th at 10 AM PT!

Follow Alex Glow’s green-EE Page

As part of her 2022 Open Hardware Summit presentation, “A Better Hardware Life Cycle: Build Stuff Without Feeling Like a Jerk“, Alex launched green-EE page, collecting a directory of resources for building helpful electronics in a sustainable, ethical, and thoughtful way. This is a great starting point for developers who want to learn more about upcycling materials, building responsibly, and creating projects with a meaningful impact on the environment.


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