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Royal WhatsApp: Ever since the introduction of internet messaging services, every employment has only one aim, which is to pick up the other addict base. In this favour race, WhatsApp is playing at the top. Now, it has more than one billion active friends.

But, due to the demand for excess functionalities, inventors around the world are seeking to produce the stylish performance of WhatsApp. You may have heard about YoWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp. comparable to these performances, one good revision of WhatsApp is Royal WhatsApp.

Besides the ease of downloading and ease of installation. Also, using the operation is actually easy. In addition to the Royal WhatsApp operating conditions, compatible with all new and old performances of Android. So for a moment we will introduce you to some of the features of WhatsApp Transparent Apk. Besides a special way to download WhatsApp Royal App with a direct link. In addition to how to install Royal Whatsapp APK

Download Now:  In this composition, we will tell you about App word, set of features, and installation companion. So, let us dive into the details.

Royal WhatsApp: App info

The hard data about the App are below.

  • The App size is21.4 MB.
  • It requires Android interpretation5.5 or over.
  • The inventor’s name is Sam.
  • The App was last streamlined on 22 August 2019.

Now, we will tell you about the prominent features and functionalities.

 Royal WhatsApp: Functionalities and features

All features of the original App are present in this interpretation. But we will tell you the exclusive features.

Royal WhatsApp Download

Fast execution

All functions work more briskly than the original App. This way, you get a stable, cleaner, and express service.

Enhanced privacy options

The position of sequestration is better in this interpretation. You can pretty much remain private by hiding ticks, bubbles, and seen status. Also, you can set different situations of sequestration in group exchanges and for specific connections.

Free of file format

The original App lets you only have many kinds of lines for transfer. Due to which, you can not transfer specific lines. This interpretation lets you transfer any kind of train. Now, you no longer have to worry about the train format.

Increased character limits

The original App only allows you 144 characters for status. But this interpretation allows you 255 characters. This way, you can express yourself a little further than usual.


New emoji are added in the choice. And you have the option to clear out recent emoji.

Ability to store WhatsApp data

Other Performances of WhatsApp don’t have the function of backup data. But this interpretation allows you to back up data.

Zooming option

You can zoom the profile image of your connections.

Message options

The original App doesn’t allow you to shoot a communication to a number, which isn’t in your connections. But this interpretation lets you do that.

 Royal WhatsApp: Installation Guide

You need to follow the way for installation.

You must download the APK train from any third party point. You can find plenitude on Google.

Now, go to your mobile settings and enable “ Unknown source.”

Now, select the APK train from your mobile and install it.

It’ll take many moments.

Launch the App after installation and corroborate your number.

Now, you can enjoy the App.

What is the difference between royal and official Whatsapp?

The difference between both WhatsApp lies on the basis of their features. The sanctioned WhatsApp possesses limited features whereas the royal WhatsApp has further features than the original WhatsApp. The difference between both WhatsApp is described in detail.

Royal WhatsApp VS WhatsApp


We’ve bandied all the promising features of the Royal Whatsapp APK and also the limitations that you need to uninstall the original Whatsapp. So if you’re looking for this featured Whatsapp also download it by following the simple and easy way.

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