OGWhatsApp APK Download V19.00 Amazing (Updated) 2022

OGWhatsApp APK Download V19.00 Amazing (Updated) 2022 is a third-party app that was created by users rather than the official WhatsApp app developers. It’s one of the greatest places to share photos, videos, status updates, and other information with your friends’ circles. OGWhatsApp is a customized version of WhatsApp that offers clean texting and is a trustworthy messaging service.

Download OGWhatsApp APK

It offers a wide range of services without jeopardizing your privacy since it allows you to control who may view your profile image, status, and information, as well as who cannot. OGWhatsApp APK Download is a modified version of WhatsApp Plus that adds the ability to delete messages after they’ve been sent and hide your online status.


When we think of WhatsApp, we think of it as the most well-known and widely used messaging program on our smartphones. It does not require an introduction because it is well-known and well-liked by adults, children, and, most importantly, teenagers. WhatsApp has over 500 billion users, and the number is growing by the second. It is therefore one of the most dependable and flexible messaging tools, and we may share our movies, photographs, GIFs, and stickers with our pals in addition to messages. When WhatsApp first began, it only had a few features, but as technology progressed, each update brought us a present, as each feature was increased with each update.OGWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that includes all of the original WhatsApp functionality.


WhatsApp has a lot of capabilities, however, it misses some of the functions that OGWhatsApp offers. OGWA is another name for OGWhatsApp. It provides us with freedom in the form of hiding our online status, Does Not Disturb Mode, deleting messages once they have been delivered to our friends, icon customization, multiple theme changes, privacy editing, and anti-ban properties. This version of WhatsApp is free of any bugs or viruses that may have been present in prior versions. We have attempted to cover all aspects of OGWhatsApp in this article.

Our website also has a download link for it. You can download and install this app on your phone by clicking on the link. You will be forced to erase the original WhatsApp program from your devices once you see the advantages of OGWhatsApp.

OGWA’s most recent version is available for download.


The application’s name is OGWhatsApp, and the version is the most recent version available.

  • The application’s size is 48 MB, which is pretty memory friendly, and it requires Android 5.0 + to install.
Version V13.50
Size 50 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Last updated 1 day ago


As previously said, OGWhatsApp has a number of unique features, including anti-ban properties, do not disturb mode, and privacy options. There are numerous traits that are advantageous to some people but not to others. Now we’ll go through each feature in-depth to make sure you understand the finer points so you can use OGWhatsApp on your Android phone.


If you use a modded version of WhatsApp, you are probably familiar with the misery of being banned from the official WhatsApp site; however, this OGWhatsApp update is free of any banning properties, so you are secure. We recommend using a temporary number for OGWhatsApp since caution is preferable to be banned. You can download and use this app on your phone without worrying about being blocked.


As we all know, our lives are so hectic that we often overlook crucial events such as someone’s anniversary or birthday. WhatsApp has addressed this issue and made users’ lives easier by incorporating a pre-built message planner. To send scheduled messages to your loved ones, you must enable this option on your mobile phones. Type the message and the contact to whom you want to send it, then set the day and time for it to be sent to your loved ones. It will arrive on time, and you will be spared the curse of forgetting major life events. The message scheduler relies on internet availability, and the device must be connected to the internet in order to send a message at that certain moment.


You can call numbers that haven’t been saved using OGWhatsApp. If you’ve ever used WhatsApp, you’re probably familiar with the frustration of having to save numbers first before making a call to them; but, with OGWhatsApp, you can make calls to non-save numbers with ease. This is a really useful function that has attracted a large number of users all over the world.


You may be aware that you cannot download the status of your friends and other people in your contact list using the basic WhatsApp for Android version, but OGWhatsApp gives you this fantastic choice for inbuilt status download functions. You can use this tool to download and send the status of your loved ones to others. You may also store your status to your phone’s gallery for subsequent viewing. This feature is one of the most useful features available today.


Previously, the maximum amount of characters permitted for status updates was 100, however, this has now been increased to more than 200. You can write a status update of more than 200 words and publish it to your narrative using OGWhatsApp. It includes a lot of cool features and saves you time by allowing you to send out fewer status updates with fewer characters. This is one of the most useful features that may be requested, and it is accessible in OGWhatsApp but not in the Simple WhatsApp app.


WhatsApp formerly only enabled you to name your group with up to 20 characters. It wasn’t enough because the name of some groups exceeds the letter limit, requiring you to reduce the number of characters in order to complete the group name. It’s no longer a hassle because OGWhatsApp lets you name your group with up to 35 characters, which is more than plenty.

Copy the status of someone to your clipboard:

Using a conventional WhatsApp program, you cannot copy someone’s status to your clipboard or transfer it to an external source. It’s inconvenient because we have to type all of the statuses ourselves, which takes a long time. You may avoid typing your friends’ statuses by utilizing OGWhatsApp, which allows you to copy your friends’ statuses, paste them to the clipboard, and send them to any other external source, such as Facebook, Instagram, or another social media app. This feature saves time and is so useful that it has a growing number of users.

Calls from a certain contact are blocked:

You can block a specific contact’s call by enabling this functionality. We can become irritated when our contacts or someone we don’t want to receive calls from repeatedly phone us. You can block particular contacts’ calls with OGWhatsApp, and you will not receive their calls in the future. This saves you time by allowing you to directly block that contact when calls are frequently dropped. As a result, you might not receive calls in the future.

It is possible to send up to 90 photos at once:

Ordinary WhatsApp only allows you to share 10 to 30 photographs at a time, and if you want to send more images or large files to your pals, it will take a long time. OGWhatsApp allows you to send up to 90 photographs to your pals at once, saving you time and preventing you from being tired of sharing images from the gallery to your contacts. This is one of the most incredible features that OGWhatsApp has to offer.

Whatsapp Locker built-in:

We don’t want to exchange messages from our loved ones on WhatsApp with another circle. When others hold your phone for making calls, they will not be able to open WhatsApp and check your messages because there is an inbuilt WhatsApp locker for encrypting your private messages. We all need privacy, and OGWhatsApp provides you with the best privacy choices available, including a WhatsApp locker that protects your personal information. You’ll also save time by not having to install different privacy apps to lock your phone.

OGWhastapp: What You Need to Know

OGWhatsApp was created by third-party developers rather than the official WhatsApp app developers. It is against their privacy terms and regulations, and if they discover these unlawful accounts, they will be banned. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when utilizing OGWhatsApp. In this current update, we’ve fixed all the problems and viruses, and it even has anti-ban features, so you won’t be banned by the official WhatsApp developers.

Use OGWhatsapp as a Backup:


We recommend that you only use OGWhatsApp as a supplementary account for talking. Your primary account, which holds all of your vital data and files, photographs, and videos, must be kept as your business account. Do not use WhatsApp as your primary account because the server has access to all of your data, which is not end-to-end encrypted. As a result, OGWhatsApp should only be used for talking and as a backup account.

Don’t go overboard with any features:

OGWhatsApp and all other MODs are unlawful because they violate WhatsApp’s privacy restrictions. If any of these MODs are discovered, WhatsApp will request that these accounts be blocked. As a result, it is recommended that you do not overuse any function, as WhatsApp may ban you if they discover you do so. We make every effort to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible in order to make your life easier while using these altered versions. As a result, it is recommended that you do not use any feature frequently.

Some OGWhatsapp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it true that OGWhatsapp is an official app?

WhatsApp is not an official program; it is referred to as a modded version of WhatsApp because it is built by third-party users. These modded versions of WhatsApp contain more expanded capabilities than the genuine WhatsApp application, however, because they violate their privacy policies, they may be banned.I’m not sure where I can get OGWhatsapp.

These modded versions are not available on the Google Play Store since they were created by third-party users. It is only available on the internet, and you can get OGWhatsApp from our website, where we have provided a download link. By clicking on that link, you can download WhatsApp to your phone.

Is it possible to use OGWhatsapp for free?

The use of OGWhatsApp is completely free. All you have to do to use OGWhatsApp is download and install the software on your Android smartphone, and you can start using it right away. You won’t have to spend anything extra to take advantage of its fantastic features.

Is it possible that I’ll be prohibited from using OGWhatsapp?

Because OGWhatsApp was created by third-party users rather than official WhatsApp developers, you are at risk of being banned if you use it. If WhatsApp discovers any unlawful actions taking place on the internet under their name, they may request that these accounts be blocked. So, sure, you are at risk of being banned.

Will I be able to communicate with others who use the official version of the software?

Yes, you may communicate with other WhatsApp users who are using the official version of the app. It does not prevent you from communicating with others who are using the official WhatsApp version, and you are free to speak with them.

Installation Guide To install OGWhatsApp, go to our website and click on the download link below. Your software will be downloaded to your phone instantly.

Then open the OGWhatsApp folder in your phone’s gallery. They will provide you with an installation option for this application.

When you select that choice, the application will be downloaded to your mobile phone, and you will be able to enjoy the amazing features of OG.



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