Mail Merge Toolkit

Mail Merge Toolkit is a sophisticated Microsoft Office add-in that extends the mail merging capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Publisher. This program provides a combination of requested and unique features that allow you to create truly tailored bulk mailings quickly and easily:

Personalize the subject line of your email

You’ll require Mail Merge Toolkit whenever you need to personalize a portion of a message’s subject line or the entire subject line. Insert data fields into the message topic to personalize not only the message’s content but also its subject.

The advice on personalizing email subject lines is accessible as a separate article.

Attachments to Mail Merge

You can attach files to messages as soon as Mail Merge Toolkit is installed. Perform the mail merge as usual, but on the last step of the “Step by step wizard” in Microsoft Word, select the “Mail Merge Toolkit” option to specify the necessary attachments.

For further information, see the article on mail merging with attached files.

Personal attachments should be included in your mailings.

Personal attachments can be sent using the Mail Merge Toolkit. Simply insert the name of this field instead of the attachments in the Mail Merge Toolkit and describe the location of the file in a separate column in the data source (Excel spreadsheet, CSV, database, etc.).

In this little movie, you can see how Mail Merge with personal attachments works.

Send PDF files that are customized

Word (Microsoft) You can personalize HTML messages with Mail Merge, but what if you need to send it as a PDF? Try Mail Merge Toolkit, the only way to quickly deliver a large number of customized PDF files. Simply choose “PDF attachment” as the message format and enter the text that will appear in the message body.

The article Mail Merge with PDF Attachments in Outlook describes this capability.

Mail Merge Toolkit capability

Password-protected PDF and DOCX attachments in Mail Merge

You can use a password to protect secure files while sending customized documents. Unauthorized users cannot access, copy, change, or print sensitive data with this functionality enabled. Encrypt documents with a single password or several passwords.

In this little movie, you can see an example: In Mail Merge, create a password-protected PDF.

Using a SharePoint List to Perform a Mail Merge

The Mail Merge Toolkit provides a means to get data from these lists and utilize it for mail merging if the data source with the message recipients’ data is kept in a List on a Microsoft SharePoint Server. You do not need to request that your SharePoint Administrator install anything on the server, nor do you need to allow the list to be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Simply use the Mail Merge Toolkit to create your mailing by pulling data from a reliable source.

The article How to perform Mail Merge with SharePoint Lists explains this capability.

Mail Merge Toolkit shareslide

Mail Merge should be automated to avoid security risks.

Use the Mail Merge Toolkit to transmit HTML or RTF messages from Microsoft Word without encountering security prompts in Microsoft Outlook and to keep internal Internet links active. Mail Merge in Microsoft Word, in the example, gives a better level of communication security. Mail Merge Toolkit works with all recent versions of Microsoft Word, so mail merging in Word is no longer a problem!

Emails with a map image

Microsoft Publisher allows you to send customized GIF messages. HTML links can be added to picture sections when delivering GIF messages using Microsoft Publisher (image map technology). You can be confident that your receiver will be able to view your message in any email client if you send it in GIF format.

Take the email format you require.

Directly from Microsoft Word, send messages to numerous recipients in PDF, DOCX, HTML, Plain text, and RTF formats.

Google Analytics is used to track the results of email campaigns.

Bulk mailing requires the ability to track the success of email campaigns. Mail Merge Toolkit uses Google Analytics to track mail merges. You can substantially improve your email marketing approach and reach out to individuals in the most effective way by tracking the email open rate.

Mail Merge Toolkit features

The article Tracking mail merge in Word, Outlook, and Publisher describes this capability.

The Mail Merge Toolkit dialogue box appears quite similar to the “Merge to Electronic Mail” box in Microsoft Office. You can choose the data field containing recipient addresses, set the message subject (btw, in Mail Merge Toolkit, you can use automatic data field insertion like in a document text), set the format, and choose files to be attached to each message if necessary in that box, just like you can in the standard one.

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