How to Send PDF in Gmail

How to Send PDF in Gmail: Gmail is widely recognised as one of the most popular domains for sending and receiving emails, with hundreds of thousands of users using its services to send various files and resources via email. You may seek an appropriate source for sending the file without any discrepancy when sending PDF files and such documents to your boss or department head. Consider using platforms such as Gmail to send PDF files to appropriate personnel. This article explains in detail how to send PDF files in Gmail with ease. If you need to edit a PDF before sending it, Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor, a powerful and user-friendly PDF programme, allows you to do so.

How to Send PDF in Gmail

When you are finished designing a document that is ready for submission, you may find it difficult to determine the best platform that is both formal and appropriate for sending it to your supervisor or head for evaluation. In such cases, Gmail provides the most formal option for easily sending documents. To understand how to email a PDF file in Gmail, you must first go through the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Log into Gmail

To access your Gmail account, launch a browser on your desktop and log in with your credentials. When the app is open, tap the “Compose” button on the left side of the screen.

Step 2. Add in Details

You must include the recipient’s information as well as the subject of the email. If necessary, follow up with the email’s body. After that, you must insert the PDF file into the composed email.

Step 3. Upload PDF to Gmail

Tap on the “Attachment” icon at the bottom of the composing email to navigate to the PDF file from the specified location in the new window. Upload the file and then tap “Send” to send the PDF to the appropriate user.

After you’ve finished writing your email, click the “Send” button in the upper left corner of the window.

An All-in-one PDF Solution for You

PDF files are widely accepted as a standard of communication for many users in the market when it comes to file sharing. These PDF files necessitate the use of a specific PDF editor to allow the user to efficiently manage and edit the file as desired. The market provides a very diverse set of editors to work with for this purpose. Among the PDF editors available on the market, this article introduces you to Wondershare PDFelement – PDF Editor as the most capable option in PDF editing.

This platform provides cutting-edge tools for editing and converting PDF files. While providing the user with an appropriate platform for editing the text, images, and links within the PDF file, the platform also provides exceptional conversion tools. These conversion tools ensure that all of the data contained within the document is preserved and secure. Furthermore, the platform allows you to annotate the document and merge different comments and reviews within the PDF file.

It also proves to be the most effective method of protecting your PDF files. It includes features such as password protection and information redaction, allowing you to easily protect your PDF file. PDFelement has introduced the market to a newer service of dedicated cloud storage under the name Wondershare Cloud, making a name for itself in the market by providing users with proficient features.

How to Send Big Files With Gmail

how to send pdf in gmail big file

To meet consumer demands and take advantage of high-speed infrastructure, email providers have increased the maximum file attachment size over time. Gmail has been a leader in maximum file attachment limits, currently allowing file attachments of up to 25 megabytes (MB). With a few simple steps, you can send large files directly to Gmail from the Web-based client.

How to Email a PDF with PDFelement

PDFelement is an ideal platform for managing your PDF files. While you learn how to send PDF to Gmail, there are other resources available to explain the process of emailing a PDF document. PDFelement is an excellent resource for quickly sending a PDF file. This requires you to follow a specific procedure, which is outlined below.

Step 1. Open the PDF File

You must first download, install, and run PDFelement on your device. Continue by selecting “Open Files” from the available options and browsing to the file in your local directory.

how to send pdf in gmail app

Step 2. Edit the File (Optional)

If you need to edit the PDF, you can do so by tapping on the “Edit” tab and then editing the PDF file using the options available in the sub-menu.

how to send pdf in gmail app edit

Step 3. Share with Email

To begin, navigate to the platform’s top-most ribbon and select the “Email” icon from the list of options. Follow the proper email-sending procedure in PDFelement.

how to send pdf in gmail app mail

How to Send a Document to an Email Address in Outlook

You’d like to share a document with a coworker but don’t want to print it. You’ve decided to email it instead of mailing it to save time and money. Documents can be sent directly from a Word application or an email programme. Assuming you have an email programme installed and configured on your computer, attaching a document is simple.

Using Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook to Send a Document

Launch your email client. Then, in Outlook Express, click the “Create Mail” or “New Message” button (in Microsoft Outlook).

how to send pdf in gmail by outlook

Fill in the “To” field with the recipient’s email address, a subject, and a message. In Outlook Express, click “Insert” and then “File Attachment” or “Attach” (in Microsoft Outlook). Click on the paperclip to find the document you want to send as a shortcut.

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