How to keep your Oculus Quest 2 from fogging up


The Oculus Quest 2 has a fogging problem. It’s a common complaint on Reddit and VR forums, and something our own staff has encountered when playing active games that get you sweaty. Thankfully, there are some documented solutions to the problem, though some will require buying accessories. We’re here to explain why your Quest 2 fogs up, and how to keep your Quest 2 from fogging at all.

What causes lens fogging to VR headsets?

You know how your car windshield fogs up on a cold morning? The same issue happens with your VR headset. Your lenses sit at room temperature, so when it suddenly comes in contact with a 98-degree Fahrenheit, sweaty forehead just a few inches away, the difference in temperature translates into condensation. Add in sweat from workout apps, an overly-warm foam interface, and a tight seal around your nose that blocks both light and fresh air, and it’s no wonder your lens keeps fogging up!


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