GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download 2022

GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download 2022, or GBWA for short, is one of the most heavily modified versions of Official WhatsApp. As we all know, WhatsApp is a messaging program that leverages our internet data to allow everyone to share free messages, audio, and video conversations. However, there are certain limits. WhatsApp’s functions are limited, which is why we offer an alternative called GBWhatsApp. We also keep WB WhatsApp download files up to date, so feel free to try out different versions.

‘What exactly is GBWhatsApp APK?’

GBWhatsApp APK is a great WhatsApp Mod that comes with a ton of cool features. It’s completely free, safe, and secure. There’s nothing else.

If you’re unsure about what GBWhatsApp is, don’t worry. There are millions of individuals who are unaware of this incredible WhatsApp mod, but we are confident that the rest of the globe will learn about it. We provide the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK for free. We also provide the most recent version of GBWhatsApp. So take pleasure in it!

GBWhatsApp APK, on the other hand, contains a number of features that aren’t present in the official version. Currently, wonderful customized versions are being developed, and they include more capabilities than the original software could ever supply. GB WhatsApp APK is one of them, and you can get the current version of GBWhatsApp right here. If you don’t want to use this hack, you can find some other interesting GB WhatsApp options below. If you’re looking for GB WhatsApp download 2022 new version APK download as well, keep reading.

Why is GBWhatsApp so great?

Here are some of the reasons why GBWhatsApp is so popular these days. Because it has so many useful features, such as the ability to share multimedia files twice as much as the official version. We can effortlessly share enormous files with GBWhatsApp APK. It has a plethora of concealment options. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this mod (GB WhatsApp). In addition, you may learn about GBWhatsApp’s features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as some frequently asked issues about its safety and fair usage, and finally, The Final Verdict, where we express our ideas and communicate with our great guests. So stick with us to the finish so you can decide whether or not to download this software.

Note: This website has a one-tap GBWhatsApp APK download button. GbMod.Net makes every effort to deliver functional WhatsApp mods.

GBWhatsApp’s Features

This is the most important portion, where everyone may learn about the benefits of “GBWhatsApp APK Download.” The latest version of GBWhatsApp contains a number of capabilities, including the ability to transmit multimedia files (we can share larger & bigger files with GB WhatsApp as compared to the official version). Hidden features, configurable themes, multiple account support, and a slew of other amazing features are all available.

The majority of the features featured on GB WhatsApp APK are not available in the official app, which is why we all adore it. You may learn about all of the features and the most recent news about this unique mod by reading the article.

Support for multimedia in GB new version of WhatsApp 2022 download

There have been numerous enhancements to GBWhatsApp. Friends can now share larger files with one other. Take a look at the list below.

  • Send huge video, audio, and picture files
  • Send video files up to 50 MB in size.
  • You can share audio files up to 100 MB in size.
  • When sending photographs, keep the original quality in mind.
  • In GBWhatsApp, you can change the video player.
  • Send a total of ten images
  • Instead of 30 seconds, video sharing is limited to 7 minutes.
  • Gb Whatsapp Download 2022 new version Hide Features / Privacy Features
  • Some of the privacy features are exclusive to this mod. Check them out; they’re a lot of fun and useful these days.
  • Hide the double tick and the fact that you’re online.
  • Hide the read message status as well as the writing status.
  • The ability to conceal the recording status
  • Support for new themes, multi-accounts, and languages
  • People become bored with the same old theme, but no worries, on GBWhatsApp, you may try out other themes and see if your local language is supported.
  • New GBWhatsapp themes are now available.
  • Other GBWA users can use the themes you create and utilize.
  • Download free stunning themes produced by GBWhatsApp users.
  • Multiple WhatsApp accounts (dual/multiple)
  • GB WA now supports a number of new languages.
  • Emojis, animated gifs, stickers, and a launcher
  • GBWhatsApp is a fantastic app with a lot of customizing options. It supports and adds additional icons, emoticons, and sticker packs, among other things.
  • Icons for the launcher have been updated.
  • Emoji switcher is available.
  • Personalize the notification bar
  • Adding stickers from the Play Store is possible.
  • There are so many Gifs to choose from, and more are on the way.
  • Always on, auto-reply, copy status
  • One of the best aspects of GBWhatsApp is the ability to use the auto-reply option.
  • By simply tapping on someone’s status, you can copy it.
  • Feature of being always online
  • Message auto-reply, similar to WhatsApp Business
  • Other Interesting Features of GB new version of WhatsApp 2022 download
    Password protection is enabled.
  • Feature of backup
  • Scheduling of messages
  • Change the last time you were saw
  • New tick designs are incredible.
  • It’s possible to connect to WhatsApp over the web, but some functionalities won’t work.
  • On Android, get the GBWhatsApp APK.

There are various changes and enhancements in the app’s current version, which was only published this month. As we’ve noticed, users are experiencing various errors and difficulties, such as when adding sticker packs or phoning others in a group; nevertheless, check out the changes here.

  1. Bugs and faults have been corrected, and we’re still dependent on you.
  2. More new emojis have been added.
  3. You can now call members of the groups by their names.
  4. While adding stickers from the Google Play store, a bug was fixed.
  5. When searching for themes, the crash was fixed.
  6. From now on, the app will be more stable.
  7. There’s no need to be concerned about the ban. Anti-ban is a feature of GBWhatsApp.

Detailed explanation about GBWhatsApp

The characteristics of GBWhatsApp are detailed in this area, so if you don’t know anything about them, you can read everything down below. I hope it may assist you in comprehending the app.

Improved Multimedia Sharing

When it comes to the official app’s multimedia feature, we run into a number of issues, including the inability to send larger-size films and audios. We can’t play the received videos on our external video players, and we can’t share a long video with multiple photos at the same time. However, on GB WhatsApp, we can transmit up to 10 photographs at once and in full resolution.

People can share a 7-minute status video instead of simply 30 seconds on GB WhatsApp download 2022 new version APK Latest Version. We can also share up to 100 MB of audio files and up to 50 MB of video files at the same time. All of these features are exclusive to GBWhatsApp. These capabilities are quite useful in everyday life.

Make Your Online Presence Unnoticeable

In the official version, this feature is not available. In comparison to the past, we now require a great deal of privacy. Official WA, on the other hand, is unable to provide us with the same level of privacy as GBWhatsApp. We can conceal ourselves in a variety of ways here (GBWhatsApp Privacy Features). We can hide the double tick and our online status to remain anonymous. There’s a lot more we can do, like hide our writing state, record status, read message status, and so on. Because the original WhatsApp app can’t afford all of these excellent features, GB WhatsApp is a fantastic alternative.

Multi-Accounts, Languages, and New Themes

We don’t have a lot of possibilities for new themes in the official version; there are only a few. WhatsApp only offers one account when it comes to multi-accounts. To use several accounts, we’ll need to use a multiple account app. In addition, Android only supports 60 languages.

When it comes to themes for GB WhatsApp, there are a plethora of alternatives. We can utilize bespoke themes, as well as develop and use themes that have been created by other users. It permits multiple accounts without the use of third-party software such as clone apps. In GBWA, you can create up to four accounts. It also supports a greater number of languages than the official version.

Emoji, GIFs, Stickers, and Launcher Icons are all popular ways to express yourself.

GBWhatsApp has an emoji-changing feature that allows us to personalize our emojis. It features new launcher icons, so we aren’t bored with the same launcher icons we’ve been using for months. In GBWhatsApp, we can alter and customize the notification bar icon. It now also accepts stickers from the Play Store. We can utilize any sticker group that we download. In addition, we can identify multi-gif providers and use endless gifs in our chats. It also offers a slew of unique features that aren’t included in the original program. They are only available in the GB WhatsApp Latest Version.

Additional Features

GB’s Auto Reply Feature new version of WhatsApp 2022 download

Do you know about WhatsApp Business’s ‘auto-reply’ feature? You can use this functionality to respond to your WA contracts when you aren’t available. You can choose an auto-reply message. This functionality is also accessible in this location. You can also duplicate other people’s statuses by touching on them. You don’t need to take a screenshot of their status for this. It’s a cool GBWhatsApp feature.

In GB WhatsApp, there is an option to be always online. You can use this to show yourself online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are also other more features, such as password protection, backup, message scheduling, altering your last seen, fantastic tick styles, and connectivity with WhatsApp Web.

The online version of WhatsApp is supported by GB WhatsApp, but none of the other features are available. You can also make a backup of your chats. So that you can restore them at any time. For chats, you can use Message scheduling in GB WhatsApp. For safety and other personal reasons, you can modify your last seen.

Advantages and Benefits of GBWhatsApp

You must have realized the benefits after reading all of GBWhatsApp’s features. It offers a lot of features that aren’t present on the official app. You can share larger music and video files, disguise your online status, and many more features that you may have discovered while reading this article. However, every application that offers benefits also has drawbacks. To learn more, read the article.

Disadvantages and Issues with GBWhatsApp

As you may be aware, GBWhatsApp provides a plethora of amazing features. The official developer team, however, does not encourage it. Long-term use of this app may result in a permanent ban from your WhatsApp account. To avoid the ban, it’s best to use a temporary phone number. Use GBWhatsApp APK only for short periods of time and never use your primary phone number. Best wishes.

Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp APK for free.

How do I get the GBWhatsApp APK on my Android phone?

You should read the GBWhatsApp installation tutorial before going anywhere (GB WA). When consumers forget to read the installation guide, they run into issues when attempting to install this software. To correctly install it, follow the simple procedures outlined below.

Step 1: How to Install GBWhatsApp

You must enable installation from unknown sources after downloading the GB WhatsApp update. This option must be enabled because it is not available in official retailers such as the Google Play Store. To enable installation from an unknown source, go to.

Enable Unknown Source in Device Settings >> Security >> Permissions

Step 2: How to Install GBWhatsApp

You must locate the APK file in your device after permitting installation from an unknown source. To do so, go to your device’s storage, download, and locate the GBWhatsApp APK. Now open the file and just press the install button while waiting a few moments. It is dependent on the device you are using.

The installation went off without a hitch. You can now open the GBWhatsApp APK, create an account, and use all of these features on your Android device. However, before leaving this website, you might wish to learn more. For additional information on device safety, multi-accounts, and other topics, see the frequently asked questions below.

GBWhatsApp’s Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning GBWhatsApp. While utilizing this program, we are confronted with a number of questions. So I’m here to put an end to all of your worries, and I hope this will be of assistance to you.

1. What is the purpose of using “GB WhatsApp Update APK”?

No one is pressuring you to get Gb WhatsApp. You have complete control over your decision because you are aware of the disadvantages and benefits. GBWhatsApp Latest Version has a lot of interesting and unique features. However, as I previously stated, this is a modified version that is not officially endorsed. You can use GB WhatsApp on your mobile with a temporary number because using your real phone number may result in your account being permanently blocked by officials.

Question 2: In the current GB WhatsApp version, can I make audio-video calls?

Yes, we all know how vital this calling feature is. Audio-video calling is available in GBWhatsApp. To use this feature, all you need is a reliable internet connection. Without spending any money, you can call any WhatsApp friend for free, except for the cost of a wifi or data connection. Although certain older versions of GBWhatsapp APK do not have this capability, using the most recent version of GBWhatsApp is a wonderful option.

3. How do I get the GB WhatsApp Beta version updated?

Any application will be restricted if it does not receive updates, however, having new updates and providing new features keeps an application running for a long period. As a result, GB WhatsApp is updated on a regular basis. You may upgrade it by simply replacing the old program with the new one. To get the latest file, go to the official website.

4. Is the GB WhatsApp Update secure?

When it comes to devising security, GBWhatsApp is the best option because it does not require a rooted device. However, utilizing GBWhatsApp will result in your account being suspended. As a result, I recommend that you use a temporary phone number. Never create a WhatsApp account with your key phone number, since this will result in a permanent ban.

Question 5: Can I use GBWhatsapp APK with many accounts?

Multi-accounting is possible. You can have two, three, or even four accounts. On the same device, you can use both the Official App and GBWhatsApp. However, you’ll need a distinct phone number for each application. Because if you join up for GBWhatsApp with your official WhatsApp account, your official WhatsApp account will instantly expire. If you’re using official WhatsApp on your handset, you’ll need a secondary number to create an account.


You must have learned about GBWhatsApp APK after reading all of the features, advantages, disadvantages, and commonly asked questions. As I previously stated, it includes a variety of functions, including the ability to hide a variety of features, such as the online status, read the message, and double tick, among others. GB WhatsApp Latest Version comes with a plethora of themes, customization options, and multimedia features. However, in addition to all of these benefits, it also has drawbacks, such as a permanent account ban. Now you may get the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK. Get the most recent version of the GB WhatsApp Update, which is updated periodically after a new update is released.

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