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It’s 2021, and business has gone virtual. Since the inception of the internet, transactions and shops have been opening up rapidly online. Much of today’s business is conducted entirely online without any physical interaction. With this rapid influx of online monetary transactions and marketing, a shift has happened. New business owners might seek out unique consultations and assistance to get their business off the ground floor.

This brings us into the world of ecommerce.

Ecommerce is simply digitized commerce. Ecommerce requires the same processes as offline stores in some respects. You have an idea or product that needs to be sold and need a reliable place to sell it. It only takes logging into a web browser instead of walking into a shop.

This shift has generated the need for services that can host and help build ecommerce websites for new online business owners. These services provide the necessary tools required to get any business from an idea to launch, then to growth. These services are often referred to as content management systems or CMSs.

One such site, Weebly, offers this exact service.

Weebly Websites Are Wonderful

Since their start in 2006 in San Francisco, CA, Weebly sites have sought after their vision and expertise in providing quality CMS standards and excellent customer support. They provide any new online business owner with the tools necessary to set up a website that perfectly captures their business goals and desires. From extensions to widgets to modules and custom themes and templates, there’s nothing that Weebly sites can’t offer to make any business dream a reality. What better way to back this claim up than taking a look at some great visual examples? Here are some of the best Weebly websites pulled directly from the source!

The Bike Seat

Have you ever wanted a tandem bicycle without actually wanting to invest in a tandem bicycle? This is another niche, yet fantastic example of how Weebly websites should be set up.


The Bike Seat is an attachment for standard bikes to transform them into a two-seater. Even cooler than that is this site’s approach to displaying information. They focus on story sections and blog posts without being too busy. The site is full of personality that would draw any bike lover in without overwhelming them.

Scholastic Awards Store

Get all of your exclusive Scholastic Art & Writing Awards swag at our online store—celebrating your accomplishment has never looked so good!



Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Academy of Model Aeronautics is a nonprofit community of enthusiasts who come together to celebrate model aviation. They are hobbyists who dream, design, build, and fly model aircraft of all sizes for fun and competition. AMA members do this because they enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts, they love flight, and they want to see participation in their hobby grow.


Weebly Inspires

These Weebly websites set the standard for what one should look for when shopping online, or what to aim for when setting up their own online store. Remember, it’s all about first impressions, and these Weebly websites certainly put their best footer forward.

Sell online

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