Best Google Pixel 6 Pro cases 2022


The Google Pixel 6 Pro is here with outstanding camera upgrades, instant dictation/translation thanks to Google Tensor, and a curved 6.7-inch screen with a variable refresh rate. Anyone who’s ever owned a curved-screen phone knows that protecting the sides of the phone is crucial to keeping it intact and alive. With that in mind, here are the best Pixel 6 Pro cases to keep your shiny new flagship safe.

Wrap up your Pixel 6 Pro with these stunning cases

More case options than ever

Case makers like UAG that skipped the Pixel 5 last year are offering sturdy cases for the large, delicate Pixel 6 Pro. This brand, plus plenty of others such as Otterbox and Spigen, are offering some of the best Pixel 6 Pro cases you can buy.


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