Best Google Fi alternatives 2022


There’s nothing quite like Google Fi when it comes to service and coverage. Not everyone needs all of the features Fi offers, and if you aren’t traveling internationally, the data can be quite pricey. If you’ve been looking to Google Fi for your phone service but don’t think it’s quite the right fit, Mint Mobile is a sensible choice with great 5G coverage on the T-Mobile network and savings for those willing to sign up for an extended period.

Mint Mobile SIM card

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Best overall: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

Save by buying more at once

Reasons to buy


Works with most unlocked phones


Lots of data choices


Hotspot included


5G on all plans

Reasons to avoid

No multi-line savings

Must buy in bulk

Most wireless service providers require you to pay your bill month-to-month, but Mint Mobile takes a different approach by charging you upfront for 3, 6, or 12 months of service at a time. It’s a unique concept and one that requires a bigger check from the get-go but could result in some significant savings over time.


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