8 Best Fintech Apps That You Must Try and Check in 2022


Investment advise and scheduled investing goals

Through notifications, you can suggest an apt plan for investment to your users. Investment decisions should be at their disposal through a scheduling option. It can be weekly, monthly, quarterly as per individual spending is concerned. Thus, this will increase the goodwill of your finance app.

Apart from these features, there are some must-have features listed by one of our best fintech app developers at Space-O Technologies who has experience of over 8 years of in developing apps.

Features of Best Fintech Apps

Sr No Popular Features of Best
Fintech Apps
Approx Dev. Hours
1 Instant transfers 24 Hrs
2 Fingerprint login 1 Hr
3 Mobile P2P send 36 Hrs
4 Mobile photo bill pay 24 Hrs
5 Add a new payee 8 Hrs
6 Use phone ATM 12 Hrs
7 Set spending limits 8 Hrs
8 Face detection 5 Hrs
9 Compare spending 4 Hrs
10 Voice banking app 40 Hrs
11 Chatbot in messaging 60 Hrs
12 Add profile photo/avatar 4 Hrs
13 Mobile payment app integration 10 Hrs
14 Push notification 10 Hrs
Subtotal 246 Hrs

If you are planning to integrate these features into your finance and banking app, here is how you can calculate the financial app development cost.

Estimated Cost for Developing a Finance App

The application development cost is majorly based on which platform are you opting for and the hourly rate of the financial app developer. For more clear idea, we have prepared a formula which will give you a rough estimation for your app.

Suppose that the mobile app development company is charging $30 per hour.

Apply this simple formula to know the cost of creating the best app.

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

After calculating the approximate cost, we are sure you are clear about how much to invest in your application development. With the offerings of fintech world, savings and investing options ranging from digital piggy banks to trading in cryptocurrencies, there are many investors eyeing on this sector.

So, why are these huge investments taking place in the fintech apps?

There can be possibly two answers for this kind of trending investment in the finance sector. 

  • Higher Returns (for profit generation and user engagement)
  • Diversified portfolio (to expand their business in other genres)

With the diversified offerings in the finance space, investors are looking at getting the fundamentals right like profitability, unit-level of economics, customer acquisition cost. Recently best fintech companies like Robinhood has doubled its customer in the past one year to more than 6 million and newcomer, Stash, debuts the list with 3 million users- 80% of which are first-time investors. 

Increased user engagement indicates more profitability which is accompanied by growth in customer acquisition cost and market economics for the investor’s business. Thus, the finance segment offerings are making investors keen to dive in and earn some breathtaking returns.

If you are having any second thoughts on developing, discuss your mobile banking app idea with our app consultants. You will also get an idea about the current market trends, stock market, bitcoin cash, and other saving accounts in-app tactics.

Fintech Industry Size 2020-2022

  • According to recent statistics from Fintechauscensus, they conducted a case study on six adaptive like Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, the US who have surged from 16% in 2015 to 31% in 2017, to 60% in 2019. Thus the fintech industry is an ever-growing platform.

finance app development

  • There is a stable growth when we see online financial services like money transfers and payments, savings and investments, insurance, borrowing. Herein there is a comparison of fintech categories ranked by adoption rate from 2015 to 2019.

fintech categories ranked by adoption rate from 2015-2019

Frequently Asked Questions

What is fintech company?

Fintech is a combination of “finance” and “technology.” Now people are no longer walking into a bank and requesting to check the balance. People are wanting to check the information in real-time on their smartphones.
Through the leading fintech apps, fintech companies provide consumers to go online and see their financial transactions.

What are the examples of fintech?

1. Crowdfunding: It is a virtual fundraising network that enables users to receive or send money via apps. They enable businesses or individuals to conveniently use one location to pool funding from various sources. It is possible for fintech startups to reach out to investors for support rather than going to a traditional bank. It is also known as a p2p funding platform.
2. Mobile Payments: Nowadays the exchange of money and online payment with a smartphone user has emerged to be some form of mobile payment. According to a recent report from Statista, the global payment market has surpassed $1 trillion in 2019. There are top fintech apps like Venmo that have made a lot of difference in the fintech economy.
3. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Financial transactions have become faster and more secure. Some cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase, Robinhood, have reduced costs, faster transactions, enhanced efficiency, better traceability, improved security, and increased transparency.
4. Stock Trading and Robo Advice: The customers are able to seek financial advisors more efficiently and at a lower cost for the stock market. They tailor investment plans to the respondents’ unique attributes, including age, risk tolerance, current debt, personal assets, and such. Apps like Vanguard, Robinhood, are the best fintech apps for stock trading and Robo advice.

How much is fintech worth?

The global fintech market was valued at $127.66 billion and is expected to grow to $309.98 billion at an annual growth rate of 24.8% through 2022. Fintech has made payments for goods and services faster, easier, more convenient, and cost-efficient for customers. Fintech has become the B2C focus, including business models, consumer views, and blockchain technology.

What is the best finance app?

There are many branches of the financial service sector, thus, the best finance app in each of them are as follows:

  • Mint: Best Money Management App
  • Wally: Best Tracking Expenses App
  • Acorns: Best App for Easy Saving
  • Robinhood: Stock trading and Robo advice app
  • Venmo: Mobile Payment App
  • You Need a Budget: Best Debt App

If you are planning to develop a finance app, you should definitely study the features and functionalities of these applications.

Are money tracking apps safe?

There are best banking apps like Mint, YNAB, that are protecting their user’s valuable information through blockchain technology as well as “read-only” access- meaning they can see financial activity but cannot make changes like transfer money without any consent. If you are planning to be among the best apps in the world, online users’ security is a must. Make sure, your app shows every purchase, bill, but not any of the bank login data. So, in any case, if your finance management app is hacked, he will not be able to hack the actual users’ bank accounts.

Wrapping Up

After going through the best finance apps guide, we assume you must have theoretically made the application, ready to launch. A mere idea is not what makes app successful, constant updates with current technological opportunity & market trends will let you stay a long time in this hyper-competitive app world.

So, cross-verify your fintech app ideas with us as we are one of the leading mobile application development companies based in India, Canada, and the USA. We provide the best iOS app development services along with Android & Web solutions for your finance app ideas. We have developed mobile apps for different categories. Have a look at ftcash and PayNow for Stripe apps to have a clear idea. For a more versatile look at our work, you can visit “our work” section on our website.

If still not satisfied then use these apps and test them to know our skills, until you feel we are the best choice when it comes to developing the best fintech apps.

In any case, if you have any queries related to the exact cost of fintech application development, application development timeline of finance apps, best fintech apps design, how to make a fintech app, how do fintech apps make money, get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will guide you through it. The initial consultation with our representative won’t cost you any money.


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